The Declutter Method

An online course to clear the clutter for good, create space, reduce stress & make time for what matters!


Does this sound like you?

  • You're always tidying up, but your house is never tidy! 
  •  You need to declutter, but you feel overwhelmed and don't know where to start.
  •  You find it difficult to let go of things and make decisions.
  •  You're often late, rushing or feel like you don't have enough time!
  •  You shove stuff in random cupboards when visitors turn up! Or avoid having people over altogether.
  •  You waste money every month on self-storage facilities.
  •  You don't know how to deal with sentimental items.
  •  Family tension and arguments are a regular occurrence due to clutter and lack of organisation...

You're not alone and you're not failing. It's totally fixable!

It doesn't have to be like this anymore!




Believe it or not, I used to be able to answer yes to quite a few of those questions. Yep, that’s right, a professional organiser who sorts people’s lives out every day!

But that’s why I’m good at it! Because I know exactly how you’re feeling. Ok, I wasn’t an extreme case, but I’ve helped and transformed the lives of countless clients who were.

I receive hundreds of messages on Instagram from people like YOU, asking for the secret. But it takes a lot more than a few direct messages to make real change, which is why I’ve created this epic course! Covering the entire step-by-step decluttering & organising process and SO much more.

Life seems so complicated these days, and so many of us in the Western world have too much. It’s factually making us depressed, NOT happy!

Minimalism is on the rise for a reason.



Instead of panicking about unexpected visitors…

You receive a text from a friend who says she’s stopping by to drop something off and would love to come in and say hi. Instead of that instant sinking feeling in your stomach and sudden panic of “O.M.G I need to tidy up this dive in 60 seconds flat”. You feel calm, prepared and excited to see her. You are proud of your home and feel great about yourself.

Instead of stressful mornings…

Your morning is calm and chaos-free, you prepared the night before, and your 30-minute morning routine is a habit. You no longer spend 15 minutes a day trying to find your keys, thinking about your endless to-do list, stuffing a piece of toast into your mouth and hurrying your kids out the door, whilst tripping over that pile of clutter you swore blind you’d sort out.

Instead of the weekend cleaning toil…

You get to spend your weekends relaxing and unwinding after a busy week, seeing your friends and spending quality time with your family. Gone are the days of cleaning, doing ten tonnes of laundry, sorting the paperwork and trying to put your broken house back together for two days. No more Sunday fear of the new week approaching after no rest…


You have one chance at life, don't let stuff steal your time!


I know you want to make significant positive changes to your home and life because why else would you be here?

You may not be able to work with me in person, BUT you still want that guided support, step-by-step instructions and receive the same techniques offered to my 1:1 clients.

That’s why I created The Declutter Method, a comprehensive online course with all the lessons and tutorials you need to make a massive change in your life from the minute you start!

If you’re sick of going round in circles and you just want a tidy house that’s easy to maintain, this is your first-class ticket…

Remember: Nothing changes, if nothing changes.

ln The Declutter Method, You'll Get:

Over 40 Video Lessons


Lifetime Access


Actionable Workbooks


Organisation PDFs


Step-By-Step Tutorials




And you'll walk away with...


– More space!

– More peace, less stress

– More time for self-care

– More money for the fun stuff (or the boring stuff)

And... A lot less physical, emotional and mental clutter!

The Course Curriculum


What are you set to lose by not clicking the buy button?

  • Time. You'll keep wasting precious time, continuing in a never ending cycle of telling yourself you have no time.
  •  Progress. You'll keep doing what you're doing right now, which isn't working, otherwise you wouldn't be here!
  •  Money. You'll keeping wasting money on storage, buying duplicates or excess food and clutter that you don't need.
  •  Making memories. You'll continue missing out on spending time with family, friends due to embarrassment, space limitations or lack of time.

What are you set to gain by clicking on the buy button?

  • Time. You'll finally start living more intentionally with time to do fun things instead of being a slave to stuff.
  •  Progress. You'll finally start creating space, setting up systems that really work and getting closer to your goals!
  •  Money. You'll stop haemorrhaging money on pointless expenses and have more to improve the quality of your life!
  •  Self-care. You'll start believing in yourself, having more respect for yourself, your home, your time and your peace.
  •  Health. You'll have more energy, better sleep, a more positive mindset and outlook on life and you'll start taking better care of yourself.
  •  Space. You'll start to clear the way to create that much needed extra space to enjoy and feel less stressed.

So, basically, get it!



The timing is rarely ever perfect. But, It’s time to stop putting it off and just start!

You are the only one who can turn your life around. But you don’t need to do it on your own, I’m here to guide you all the way with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and support!

With my help, you can do this, this is your chance to succeed, to finally achieve your goals and dreams…

I’ve got you.


What's my investment?

What is clutter costing you?

I’m not just talking about financial terms here. Although… how much food are you wasting because you didn’t eat it after chucking it into your basket? How often do you buy things because you’re unsure if you have them or have lost something? How much are you paying your self-storage firm every month? Late payment charges… oh, the list goes on.

How often have you missed out on making memories with your kids or friends or being productive because of the mess at home?

-How often have you been late to work or events because you can’t find your keys or that important document?

-How often have you yelled at your partner or kids because you’re overwhelmed and at boiling point with everything?

A home full of stuff is costing you more than you think…


What's included in The Declutter Method?

As soon as you enrol you'll get access to all course content including the following:


Video trainingCovering a different aspect of the full decluttering and organising process each week. It’s often easier to learn when you can see your tutor! A new module is realised each week for 8 weeks, aiding accountability.



Detailed, attractive workbooks: to take notes and implement your learnings, with tasks for each module helping you get to the root cause of your clutter, figure things out and make real and lasting changes. .



Additional Resources: During the course, I talk about various topics such as recycling and sustainability, direct links & discounts are included in the video descriptions to products, sites and articles.



Step-by-step video tutorials: for folding, plus real-life examples of home organisation in practice, so that you can have a better understanding.



Cleaning checklists, planners and trackers: to help you get and stay organised during and after you have completed this course! Pick and choose the ones you like best….



I’ve invested my time and money into mindset research, power of thought and visualisation. How to declutter and organise homes effectively! You can tap into that….


Plus, brand new community access & mobile app for 2024!

Share your wins, make connections with like-minded women and achieve your goals... all from your pocket

A total value of £765, get it today for just:


[Saving £468]


"This course will enable you to see and feel the life-changing effects that decluttering and organising your home will have."

What makes this course more effective than others?


Most people think it’s just about the “stuff” when decluttering. So, that’s what other courses cover – how to declutter, but the problem with focussing on the clutter alone is that it inevitably comes back. You’ll be back at square one before you realise it!

This course gets to the root of the problem; where and how it started. You’ll learn how to dig deep and understand your feelings around the situation; you’ll learn how to overcome obstacles and work on your mindset. I’ll teach you how to set up systems to maintain calm, prevent clutter from returning and make long-lasting changes.

I want to promise you something – if you have an open mind and follow my guidance, you’re entire life WILL change. I know, that’s a big statement, but I believe in what I do and stand confidently behind that statement. 


Meet some of my happy clients & students... 

Sarah, Wiltshire


 “Amy truly understands and can help untangle the reasons behind your ‘clutter mindset’.

Anyone can watch a video on Instagram showing them how to declutter a wardrobe, but unless you can understand the reasons and emotions behind your clutter, it’s impossible to put sustainable systems into place to keep the clutter chaos in the past!

The Declutter Method does this in a comprehensive & digestible way.”


Sheila, Berkshire

“I love that this course can be done at your own personal pace. When I purchased it I had not long lost my Dad, was doing ok, but then dealing with his stuff as well as my own meant I needed to slow down on my decluttering as I was finding it overwhelming. 
Amy’s advice about just doing a drawer, or a box, made it a lot easier for me when I did start again, and to deal with the practical stuff, not the sentimental stuff (lots of old paperwork has gone!) I also love how approachable, accessible & inspiring Amy is, always ready to advice & give encouragement.”

Annemarie, Oxfordshire


“Before, it felt so overwhelming not knowing where to start and that nothing would make a difference.

Now, after our virtual session, I see the opportunity to declutter small bits every day… and I can already see the difference! Our session made such a difference to my approach; rather than being overwhelmed, I look forward to the 5, 10 or 30-minute decluttering. 

I feel happier and love getting those dopamine hits from all the mini-wins! Now I can see a way ahead… Does that make you a lighthouse?!”

Frequently Asked Questions:

"Organisation isn't about perfection! It's about efficiency, reducing stress, clutter, saving time and money and improving the quality of your life."

Still not sure? This course is for you if... 

  • You're overwhelmed and need a step by step solution 

  • You feel disconnected and the days are just passing you by

  • You struggle to pinpoint the root of your clutter & chaos problems

  • You struggle with self-confidence

  • You feel on edge and snap at your family when they don't help you

  • Your mindset isn't in the best place and you want a positive reset

  • You want to clear the clutter and minimise your belongings for good

  • Scheduling & meal planning is a complete mess and you need help

  • You want to love the place you spend the majority of your life in!

  • You're sick of feeling stuck and want to make a real change

  • You feel like you just need to sort your life out

  • You find it hard to implement positive change, even though you want it so much!