I truly believe that decluttering and simplifying is the foundation of a good life.


When you eliminate the clutter, you have more time and space for the things that matter.


You can elevate all areas of your life, and I’m here to show you how...

I’m Amy


I live in the countryside of the UK with my wonderful fiancé, toddler, dog and three stepchildren part-time. I love coffee, brunch, interiors, history, country walks and testing my physical and mental strength at Body Pump!

I’m a no-nonsense, realistic, optimistic person, and I firmly believe that what you focus on grows. I’m all about personal responsibility and empowerment.

You are the boss of your thoughts and life, so if you’re ready to take control of your space and reclaim your time, I’m here to help create the life you dream of...

Courses & Workshops

My Story


My journey into professional organising and declutter coaching began with my own struggles with chaos, clutter, and mental health challenges. Through years of personal development and lifestyle changes, I transformed my life, finding peace and order by decluttering and organising my home and life. Now, I'm passionate about helping others do the same! 

Living with less and implementing good home organisation can profoundly affect all aspects of life, with immense benefits to our mental and emotional well-being. The benefits are endless, from improving family dynamics to boosting productivity, saving money and reducing waste. 

I have helped hundreds of clients in person and virtually identify and remove items that no longer serve them, addressing lifelong habits and self-limiting beliefs. I now have an online community of over 22,000 who I help with social media, podcasts, and blog content; helping women on a deeper level with my courses, coaching, and membership.

With my guidance, even the busiest working mums and women can achieve organisation and maintain it over time. Contrary to popular belief, you don't need a gigantic budget to get organised. My approach is all about starting fresh, shifting your mindset, and gaining the confidence to let go of anything that doesn't align with your dream life.


Work With Me 1:1
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"Amy is great at what she does! I completed her November challenge with her support and really enjoyed it. I managed to declutter over 600 items from my house and around 19.5k digital items! I would highly recommend."

Claire B.

"Amy was brilliant and very kind, considering it’s hard for me [or anyone!] to open up about personal struggles at home because it feels like a failure! I now have lots of really helpful takeaways to spring into action that feel realistic."

Sarah A.