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Tune in each week to learn how to build a life of total fulfilment by removing the things that are holding you back and stealing your time. You’ll finish each episode motivated to clear the clutter... You can elevate all areas of your life and I'm here to show you how!


Hey there!

I'm Amy.

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I believe that decluttering is the foundation of a good life.

As a professional organiser and declutter coach, I have seen the catastrophic effects of clutter on mental and physical health, relationships and finances. The positive benefits of living with less will propel you into an elevated life fast.

My courses, coaching and membership will help you overcome the mental and emotional blocks, and physical challenges of clearing the clutter to create the home and life you dream of and become the most authentic version of yourself.

"After just one session with Amy and all her energy and non-judgement, I feel so grateful and more motivated to get past my blocks and progress towards my house goals. If my husband can’t relate and won’t help me, Amy really can!"

Sarah A.

"Amy gave me invaluable advice on how to fix problem areas. Her advice helped form a clear action plan, making the decluttering tasks feel much more manageable! The follow-up email she sent truly went above and beyond"

Katherine W.
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Elevate Your Life.

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