Rewire Your Mind for Decluttering Success

Unlock the secrets to decluttering success by identifying and reframing your blocks...

Creating the calm, spacious home you've always dreamed of without the self-doubt, guilt and overwhelm.

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What if...

You could finally start decluttering to create space without going around in circles, procrastinating over every task because you just don't know where to start?

Maybe YOU: 

...are a working mum or an empty nester feeling like...

→ You are drowning in clutter and overwhelmed by the mess, but you desperately desire a calm, spacious home without the constant stress of clutter looming over you.

→ You struggle to start decluttering or make any real progress, feeling held back by negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs. Yet you yearn for a clutter-free environment where you can breathe freely and enjoy your space.

→ You often find yourself making excuses for why you can't declutter and get organised, yet deep down, you crave the peace of mind and sense of accomplishment that comes with a tidy, organised home.

→ You suspect that your clutter is affecting your mental and emotional well-being, but you lack the tools and confidence to tackle the mess effectively and transform your living space into a sanctuary.


Then you are in the right place because "Rewire Your Mind" will provide you with the exact step-by-step framework to start creating the calm, spacious home you've always dreamed of.


Your home is a calm retreat where your cherished belongings have their perfect place. Everything is neatly arranged, clearing your mind of distractions and bringing relief.

Your garden basks in the warm British summer sun. You're prepared and organised for the summer holidays, with everything in its place, ready for laid-back days and spontaneous gatherings. You anticipate spending this summer exactly as you've imagined because this year is different. This is your new elevated life, and you feel grateful and proud of all you've accomplished.

...Your phone buzzes—your friend asks if she can drop by in 20 minutes because she's in the area. You eagerly anticipate her visit and carry on as you are because there's no need to rush. No frantic scrambling to tidy up, no slipping on papers while searching for keys—those days are behind you.

Queue: Gratitude, serenity, optimism, calm, joy.

When you finally embrace the idea that you deserve more and acknowledge your worth, you'll see the opportunities that await—opportunities you may have overlooked before.

My name is Amy, a professional declutter coach and I can help you even if you: 

  • don't believe you could ever create a tidy, clutter-free home
  • feel like every item is sentimental or that you might need it one day
  • find it impossible to open up about your struggles with clutter

I went from...

→ A self-confessed, compulsive shopping addict, spending excessively on clothes and accumulating debt, resulting in overwhelm and clutter.

→ To embracing mindful consumption, curating a minimalist wardrobe that brings simplicity and contentment to my life, free from financial stress and excess.

By the end of this masterclass, you will have:

✔️ The knowledge to identify your decluttering mindset blocks and the tools to reframe your limiting beliefs.

✔️ A clear action plan of necessary tasks to avoid procrastination and declutter effectively.

✔️ The inspiration,  motivation and self-permission to get started straight away without guilt.

✔️ The tools to maintain your new way of life and hold yourself accountable for achieving your goals.

"I felt understood and supported...


...I have often felt like I'm not making process. I have already been trying to encourage and praise myself for every small win. I have ordered a diary to write down my daily progress. 

I am so grateful that I found Amy just before her masterclass. I really appreciate the hard work that she has put into it. It has inspired and encouraged me."


Lynn Waters

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What's Inside Rewire Your Mind

You will learn about:


  • The Negative Impact of Clutter & Disorganisation
  • Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset
  • The NLP Technique
  • The Positive Benefits of Decluttering

And how to...


  • Reframe Fears and Challenges
  • Overcome Decluttering Blocks & Imposter Syndrome
  • Use Affirmations Effectively
  • Set Goals & Visualise Them
  • Break Goals Down into Actionable Tasks for Easy Wins!
  • How To Journal & Why It's Transformative For Decluttering Success

What's Included:

Rewire Your Mind For Decluttering Success

[ÂŁ97 Value]

✓ 14 Engaging Video Lessons

âś“ A Comprehensive Supportive Workbook

âś“ Lifetime Access, Including New Updates

âś“ Bonuses worth Over ÂŁ150

Plus, these bonuses will help you Set yourself up for success.

BONUS 1: Affirmations for Decluttering Success

A printable with 42 affirmations to cut out and stick around your home to help rewire your thoughts about yourself and your belongings. 

BONUS 2: 5-Minute Journal

Once you understand the power of journalling, you can get cracking straight away using my printable 5-minute journal! Don't give yourself another barrier by needing to buy a journal. You'll find some more tips about how to journal too...

BONUS 3: Exclusive Discount on The Declutter Method

If you want to take decluttering and organising to the next level when you enrol on Rewire Your Mind for Decluttering Success, you'll get an exclusive 50% discount on my signature 8-week course, The Declutter Method.

Bonus Highlights:

You will get my complete framework to declutter, organise and elevate your home and life.

  • Learn how to declutter effectively in big-time blocks and little daily snippets.
  • How to declutter responsibly without adding to landfill.
  • Where to donate and sell your decluttered items.
  • Organisational systems and storage to make your home flow.
  • Room-by-room decluttering, organising and storage lessons.
  • How to maintain your clutter-free space.
  • Eco-friendly swaps to reduce your carbon footprint and environmental guilt. 

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  • 14 Engaging Video Lessons
  • Realistic examples of decluttering blocks and how to overcome them!
  • A Comprehensive Supportive Workbook
  • Lifetime Access, Including New Updates
  • Bonuses worth Over ÂŁ150
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  • A 1-hour virtual Kickstart Power Hour with Amy The Space Creator! [Worth ÂŁ100]
  • 1:1 private session with tailored advice for your exact situation, with an email action plan.
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This masterclass brings clarity to decades of confusion, don't just take it from me...

Katherine Waldron

“Amazing masterclass! I feel completely empowered and motivated now. I’ve learnt so much! I especially loved the section on how to overcome blocks, NLP and the importance of journaling. I was so motivated after the masterclass I did a quick declutter of my bathroom cupboards straight away! Thank you so much, Amy - I can’t recommend this enough!”

Kelly Mulholland

"Thank you, Amy, for a brilliant and informative masterclass. I had no idea mindset played such a big part in my clutter. I found the mindset and journaling aspect so interesting, and I feel equipped to make a really positive start to my home. The bonus bits are incredible and so kind of you. Thank you "

Ellie Alcock

"Amy undresses our clutter issues—it's hard at times to accept that one ticks most of the boxes… At 60+, suddenly thinking of your 10-year plan brings everything acutely into focus! The supporting workbooks and other materials are fab to read through and thought-provoking. The Power Hour 1:1 was great for shaping my plan—Before, I’ve always avoided a plan. I’m now on my way to systematically creating space."

Burning Questions You Might Have Before You Enrol...

I can’t wait to help you shift your mindset...

For years, I struggled with generalised anxiety disorder and depression. I was obsessed with buying clothes, online shopping whenever I could, and racking up my credit card debts. It was always, "One more piece and then my wardrobe will be complete."

I had an overflowing wardrobe that stressed me out, but I couldn't get rid of anything - even the clothes that didn't fit and the ones I'd never worn. I kept thinking that I might wear them one day or that I would fit into them again...

Until one day, my overwhelm and hate for dusting around the mess made me do something crazy! I decluttered about 80% of my clothes like a mad woman.

I realised they didn't make me happy; I used shopping as a way to get a dopamine hit, to feel like I was in control of something, and I couldn't get rid of them before because I felt guilty about the money I'd spent.

So, I understand exactly what you're dealing with right now and how hard it can be to overcome mindset blocks around letting go of your belongings, which is exactly why I created this masterclass!

The approach I teach in this masterclass has changed my life, and it can change yours, too.

If you are ready to stop holding yourself back with clutter and chaos, this is your chance to elevate your life in 2024 for just ÂŁ47!

Amy xx

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