The Space Creator Show

The Space Creator Show

Hosted by: Amy Weeks

The Space Creator Show is brought to you by Amy Weeks, AKA Amy The Space Creator. On this show, you can expect mindset advice, actionable decluttering tips and practical strategies for organising your home with a...

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4 Decluttering Truths You Need to Hear to Succeed

Episode #6

4 Decluttering Truths You Need to Hear to Succeed [E6] This week, I’m giving you some tough love to help you with decluttering your home and life! Ever worried about wasting your money when you declutter things you...
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Top Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe

Episode #5

This week, we're talking spring cleaning, starting with your wardrobe. It's time to start saying goodbye to those heavy winter woollies and hello to lighter, breezier clothes for spring! Kicking things off with a...
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Don’t Make This Big Decluttering Mistake in 2024

Episode #4

Today, I'm tackling the oh-so-common decluttering mistake of buying storage without a plan! I call it the storage trap. Trying to contain your stuff without decluttering first and properly planning is a recipe for...
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6 Positive Benefits Of Decluttering

Episode #3

From better focus to higher self-esteem, improved relationships to reduced allergies, decluttering offers countless advantages! A clutter-free home encourages productivity, enhances mental well-being and promotes...
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What Is Decluttering Anyway? + The Truth (Difference between tidying, organising & decluttering)

Episode #2

I want to clear up a common confusion: the difference between tidying, organising and decluttering. Decluttering isn't just about tidying up; it's about letting go of excess to reduce your mental load and free up...
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Welcome to The Space Creator Show + My Story

Episode #1

Welcome to The Space Creator Show! I'm your host, Amy Weeks, and I'm thrilled to kick off this podcast for busy women looking for balance, reducing the mental load and gaining that all-important time freedom and space...
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